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what home remedies can do to get rid of a urinary infection?

i suffer from urinary infections and its very uncomfortable…but its a drag to go to the doctor every time i have one and i was wondering what home remedies i can do to get rid of the infection without having to go visit the doctor every time. thanks in advance!

No home remedy’s for a UTI. You need an antibotic. Theres no way around it and if you don’t get on one, you will get worse.

I was plagued with UTI’s for years. I ended up with an acute case of Pyelonephritis – infection of the kidney. I ended up seeing a Urologist who kept me on an antibiotic for about 3 months until I had a negative urine culture. It worked. I have not had a UTI in over 15 years.

Also, this is a little personal but, good hygiene is very important. I use a non-perfumed very simple soap to clean my peri area. I use Ivory bar soap. No pefumes, no deoderants. It’s a gentle soap. Dove uncented is another safe one. The liquid soaps tend to have preservatives in them and sometimes a glucose type base which isn’t good. I suggest bar soaps.

I suggest seeing a Urologist. That way you can get this taken care of once and for al.