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What good home remedies are there for sensitive skin that breaks out often?

I am asian, and I have acne (or actually… a few ‘remains’ of acne) but my skin continues to break out. Most of this is genetic, but are there any good home remedies to make zits ‘disappear’? I’ve heard of lemon juice… But my skin is kind of sensitive so I’m not sure how it will work.

My mom has suggested and she is wanting to buy Proactiv for me but she’s hasn’t gotten to it… but almost a year. I’m not allowed to go shopping by myself yet, so what inexpensive home remedies are there?

Thanks ^_^

With my experience with Proactiv, I wouldn’t recommend buying it. It didn’t do anything for me, and I used it exactly as directed. Test out some over the counter face washes. They sell make-up that covers and treats acne at the same time. Be careful with make-up because it only makes the situation worse.