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What are home remedies to get rid of back acne?

Ive tried all the products now I want home remedies that worked for YOU that YOU have personally tried. Please dont tell me rose water, because I have no idea what that is or the wood stuff. Thank you. 10 points!

wash your back with a sulfur based soap.
Use an astringent after you wash.
After sports or activity of sweating , wash with an antibacterial soap.
Keep your hair off your back during the day and night.
use a acne cream on larger pimples to dry them out
Stay away from greasy, fast food, chocolate, peanut butter.
Don’t drink a lot of milk
If you are having cysts you need to see a dermatologist for treatment,
If there are black heads, you need to use a lightly abrasive scrub on the area.
you could also try a loofah (hard sponge)in the shower.