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Treating Acne At Home And Remedies To Prevent Acne

What are the chances that you have experienced acne at some point in your life? Pretty high. This article “Treating Acne At Home And Remedies To Prevent Acne” offers some ways you can treat acne on your own. There are some additional links below that will allow you to educate yourself on treating acne at home.

Home Remedy Network Treating Acne At Home And Remedies To Prevent Acne

Home Remedy Network Treating Acne At Home And Remedies To Prevent Acne

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands. It is characterized by a pustular eruption of the skin. Acne generally occurs on the skin of the face but the skin on other parts of your body like the back and arms can also get affected.

Learning how to prevent acne at home is extremely beneficial for people with acute acne problems. Remember, the best way to cure acne is the natural way.

The best home remedies for curing acne

Most of the natural remedies for acne come from the kitchen closet. Pastes and mixes of various herbs and spices have proved very effective for treating acute acne.

Applying homemade pastes to acne affected areas:

The natural pastes that can prevent acne are orange peel paste, cucumber leaves paste, honey and cinnamon powder paste and black cumin seed powder pastes. Some other mixes and pastes that Grandmas suggest to curb acne include a mix of pomegranate powder with fresh lime, a blend of turmeric powder with sandalwood and of course the venerable Neem powder paste.

Contrary to popular myth, expensive creams and lotions are not the only ways out when you need to counter acne. Look around your kitchen shelves, poke around the refrigerator and you will be amazed to find the surplus of remedies lying here.

For instance, not many people know that a mixture of nutmeg powder with fresh milk or an equal blend of lemon juice and cinnamon powder works wonders for acne. So does a mixture of groundnut oil and lemon juice.

Other wonder concoctions to combat acne include:

1. Lime juice mixed with boiled milk
2. Turmeric mixed with mint juice
3. Rose water and lemon juice in equal quantities

And when you are on to natural remedies for acne, do not overlook the raw papaya juice, fresh mint juice and ripe tomato pulp. Unknown to many, these are actually quite good cures for acne.

A freshly cut clove of garlic or toothpaste dabbed over a pimple and kept overnight are common acne cures, while there is nothing like ice, rosewater or lavender oil for an instant soothing feel. A paste of fenugreek leaves or the juices of a fresh lemon left overnight are effective acne remedies too.

It is a well-known fact that whatever you eat has an effect on your skin so the need to consume lots of water can never be emphasized enough. Drinking the juice of wheatgrass can help to reduce acne too. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help to impart a glow to your face. Neem capsules help to control the occurrence of acne. Avoid chocolate, sugar, fatty and fried food.

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