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The Best Arthritis Home Remedies

The constant dull pain of arthritis is something that many senior citizens think they must learn to live with. This article looks at some arthritis home remedies that might provide some relief. There are additional resource links at the end of this article. Use these any any other arthritis home remedies with the advice and consent of your physician.

Home Remedy Network The Best Arthritis Home Remedies

Home Remedy Network The Best Arthritis Home Remedies


No wonder people who suffer from arthritis seek out home remedies. They are in constant pain and Vioxx was pulled from the market and, in April of 2005, the FDA asked Pfizer to voluntarily remove Bextra. In addition Celebrex has to carry a much stronger warning. With all this happening, home remedies begin to look pretty good for those with arthritis. This article does not endorse or condemn any home remedies listed to help relieve the pain and stiffness of arthritis. If nothing else, these home remedies are safe.

My mother was the first person I knew who invented a home remedy for arthritis. She swore that her home remedy, 2000 mg a day of calcium supplements alleviated the pain of arthritis. When she died, at age 87, she had experienced very little trouble with arthritis and whether or not her home remedy was responsible is unknown. Others also recommend calcium so who knows?

The big thing in home remedies for arthritis nowadays seems to be gin soaked raisins. You must use white raisins. You put the raisins in a shallow pan, cover with gin and let set until the gin is gone. Then you eat 9 raisins a day. Another version of this is to soak 9 white raisins overnight in a shot glass and then eat the raisins. Whether this home remedy works for arthritis or not, you’ll be eating some mighty happy raisins.

Another very popular home remedy for arthritis is Certo. You mix in one tablespoon full of Certo in a small glass of cranberry or grape juice. Drink two to three glasses a day. A number of people with arthritis swear by this.

Potato water is another popular home remedy for those with arthritis. Soak sliced potatoes in water overnight and drink the juice. Another popular drink is apple cider vinegar. Drinking blackstrap molasses mixed with fruit juice is also a popular home remedy.

Here are some other drinks that arthritis sufferers have recommended as home remedies:

*Water that has been soaked overnight in copper
*Alfalfa tea
*Four thinly sliced beets in a quart of berry wine, soaked for one day. Drink one small glass before meals.
*Radish juice and sugar
*Equal parts apple cider vinegar and honey
*And last but not least, one Tablespoon of cod liver oil mixed and whipped with the juice of one orange.

If you have a great deal of patience, here is another home remedy for arthritis. Take equal parts Epsom salts, cream of tartar, ground rhubarb root, mix and fill gel capsules. Take one pill after every meal.

There are also home remedies for arthritis that are for external use only.
Take two parts olive oil and one part kerosene and use for a liniment. Or smooth on WD40 on affected areas. This latter may irritate the skin.

There is one home remedy for arthritis that has some risk. Many people swear by bee stings, but you need to be sure you are not allergic to bee stings before you deliberately expose yourself to a sting.

Over 70 million Americans have arthritis and there is no cure and no really good treatment. It is easy to see why those with arthritis would turn to home remedies.



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