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Popular Home Remedies for Acne From your Kitchen

I used to have acne when I was a teenager. It was frustrating and annoying. Going out was often the cause of anxiety, because the acne – horrible red inflamed spots – covered my face. Gradually, when I got older, the acne went away. Imagine my relief.

However, acne is not just an adolescent’s problem. Adults get them too. It is not just a matter of genetics but a slew of problems playing a part in triggering these awful red spots.

Basically, acne is caused by the clogging of skin glands or spores, which in turn become infected. Acne in adolescents is triggered by the onset of puberty making the hormones work over-time and causing the oil glands to increase – gasp – the production of sebum, an oily substance. Sebum lubricates the skin but if it breaks the skin wall, it causes inflammation and pus. That’s right, you get a pimple.

For some, the problem of – argh! – acne follows them right into adulthood. Now, our life-styles are now more hectic and crazy. Stress will sometime trigger flare-ups of the dreaded acne.

What should we do about acne? Conventional skin care products are sometimes useless against an acne onslaught. Perhaps, you might want to start looking in your kitchen.

Yes, your kitchen. I am talking about home remedies for acne. What, My Kitchen!

If you are the type who only uses the kitchen for cooking, be amazed that it is also a source of home remedies for acne (and other things – but that’s another story). Simple herbs and plants found in your pantry or window-sill might just do the trick for your acne problem.

Let’s take a look around the kitchen, shall we?

Crystal-Clear Water

My mother used to tell me to drink a lot of water when I was a teenager (with the acne problem). She told me that water would flush out the poisons and toxins that caused the acne.

Water is a great purifier. Eight glasses is the recommended number for adequate water-intake. Your skin is an organ and water keeps it well hydrated.

You can also make herbal water by infusing the hair of one corn with water. The natural sweetness of the corn will make the water go down well. The hair of corn is a “cooling” agent and it will reduce the inflammation.

Of course, washing your face regularly with clean water is a wise choice.

Use Your Fruits and Vegetables

Our mothers were often right when they told us to eat our fruits and vegetables. Now, we can use them on our skin. It is as simple as opening up your fridge and looking at the types of fruits and vegetables. Our good old fridge is a good place to start looking home remedies for acne.

Cucumbers are a excellent choice. You can juice them, slice them or turn them into masks. Drinking cucumber juice is a good and tasty way to reduce pimples or acne. You can also mix in carrots and lettuces.

For fruits, you can try using fresh apricots. Juice an apricot and apply the juice on your skin. You can also eat the apricots. Yum!

Getting Serious With Cereals

Even your humble breakfast cereals can be a source of home remedies for acne.

Mix buttermilk and bran together to form a good paste. You can use the paste for cleansing. You can also use oats if you do not have bran in your kitchen. Bran and oats are great for masks as well. They also smell heavenly on the skin. Who says home remedies for acne cannot be delicious at the same time?


Convinced that your kitchen can be a great source for home remedies for acne? You can start by doing the basic – moderating your diet and including more fruits and vegetables. A healthy body will also ensure less acne and other skin problems. However, if your skin is unusually sensitive or you are unsure about using home remedies for acne, you should seek professional advice. This article is written as a general introduction to home or natural remedies for acne and should not be taken as absolute truth. Be discerning. Have fun in your kitchen!

Dr John Anne