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Lice Home Remedies That Work?

A search on the Internet will reveal a high number of home remedies that all feature testimonials. While testimonials are of some value, it’s not good to place a lot of weight on them. When deciding what type of treatment plan you want to follow. The reason is that for every testimonial that says that a certain treatment works, there’s another posting somewhere claiming that it was just as effective.

This is the reason why research is so important. While a testimonial is usually offered with the best of intentions, there’s no way to know if the person’s success can be duplicated. While some home head lice remedies may be useful on a very light infestation, they can be overwhelmed with a more difficult or developed case of head lice. With that in mind, here are a two home remedies found on the Web and backed up by testimonials.

These are offered to illustrate some of the more off-the-wall type of lice treatments. None of these should be considered effective simply because they’ve been identified in this article.

Petroleum Jelly:

petroleum jelly is a very common home treatment claim to be effective for head louse. You apply it to the hair and wear a plastic hat that’s well sealed around the head. Leave the petroleum jelly in your hair overnight, then, and I’m not making this up, apply peanut butter to remove the petroleum. Shampoo as normal.

Dog Shampoo

How about killing lice using dog shampoo? You wet hair thoroughly and apply the dog shampoo, leaving it in your hair anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the testimonial. This may actually work, because many dog shampoos have pesticides as one of their ingredients to help control fleas, ticks, and other animal parasites. It’s also a much higher concentration of these active ingredients and can be harmful to humans as a shampoo. Believe it or not, there are testimonials out on the Web that claim that dog shampoo is the best thing to use for head lice. If the idea of using a home remedy is based on safety, effectiveness, or even price, dog shampoo does not meet any of these requirements. Dog shampoo has strong chemicals that are not designed for humans.

This is why it’s important to realize that just because a home remedy has testimonials doesn’t mean that it’s effective, or safe or should be considered for use on your family.

Abigail Franks