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Iceland Health Supplements Review: Are Iceland Health Supplements A Scam Or A Medical Miracle

There are hundreds if not thousands of supplements on the market that are advertised to help provide relief from any number of aliments. This is a review of one of those supplement companies named Iceland Health Supplements. You should not use any supplements, including Iceland Health Supplements, without discussing your plans with your physician. Supplements can react with one another or with prescription medications.

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Home Remedy Network Iceland Health Supplements Review

Iceland Health Supplements Review: Are Iceland Health Supplements A Scam Or A Medical Miracle?

Iceland Health Supplements Review Synopsis

Many supplements use marketing methods to promote their products. This does not mean that the product is or is not effective but it is something that your should be aware of. The manufacturers of Iceland Health use their name association with the people of Iceland to their advantage. The people of Iceland are know to have a longer life expectancy and are also healthier on average. This however does not have anything to do with the effectiveness of the products made by Iceland Health.

Iceland Health was started in 1938 by two brothers, Tryggvi and Thordur Olafsson, as producers of fish oil. They soon began to export their products to the United States. Iceland Health has been bought out by Nutrition 21 Inc and markets many supplements in the United States. They recently started an infomercial and advertising campaign in the United States. As their products have become more popular questions have started to come in regarding the effectiveness. They are available through many retail outlets and online. This however does not again speak to the level of effectiveness of their products. You should always speak to your personal physician prior to using supplements for Iceland Health or any other company. Supplements can have an adverse reaction with one another and with prescription medications.

Here are some examples of the products they offer:

Maximum Strength Omega 3 Soft Gels

Joint Relief Formula

Advanced Memory Formula

Joint Relief Cream

So let’s take a look at the facts of some of the products manufactured and marketed by Iceland Health

Iceland Health Supplements Review: Iceland Health Ingredients

When you look at using supplements the ingredients are a key factor. On the website the statement is made that Iceland Health supplements are made by GMP standards. This is a certification is advertised by other supplement companies. Dietary supplements are not approved by the government for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed by the FDA. This means that in many cases buyers should take some claims with a grain of salt. Still supplements when taken correctly and when the quality of the ingredients is high there can be benefits. From what we can tell the purity of the ingredents used in Iceland Health seems to be as advertised. Later we will look at the claims for the things those ingredients are advertised to do.

Iceland Health Supplements Review: Iceland Product Cost

The cost of Iceland Health Supplements is above the cost of similar products. While Iceland Health attributes this to the purity and effectiveness of their products we are not sure that is the case.

Iceland Health Supplements Review:Is Iceland Health Effective Work?

There are complaints against Iceland Health in regards to the effectiveness of its products. At the end of this article there are links to sites.

Iceland Health Supplements Review: Complaints

The most common complaints are in regards to the use of automatic shipments assigned to credit cards. Consumers have cited the instances of being shipped products automatically and being charged for items that they did not agree to receive.

Make sure that you consult with your personal physician prior to using any supplements from Iceland Health or any other supplement company. Supplements can be effective but can react with other supplements and or prescription medications in an adverse way.





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