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Home Remedies to Help Cure Acne and Prevent Future Outbreaks

There are a lot of home remedies to help cure acne on the internet today. The problem however is that it is very hard to know what truly works from what doesn’t. The internet can be a place where you can find all natural home remedies to cure your acne. The downside is, there are also tons of HUNDREDS of Shocking, Dangerous and expensive internet remedies.

Today I want to give you an insight as to some of the home remedies that has worked for persons in the past. You can see if they are suitable for you and try them at your own will.

Here goes:

Home Remedy #1 The use of Castor oil to remove pimples and scars.

How To Use- First you must wash your face gently with some warm water to ensure that the surface of your skin is clean. You will then apply a small amount of Castor oil the the pimples and let it remain for about 30 minutes after which you will rinse with warm water. You can also let it remain overnight and rinse in the morning for better results.

Why it works- Castor oil has several antibacterial properties which is inhibitory to the acne causing bacteria. It also rejuvinates and exfoliate the skin.

Home remedy #2 Making changes in your diet. Diet plays a very important role in the eradication of acne. It has been proven so many time, that avoiding harmful foods such as vegetable oils can reduce your acne. Therefore you should reduce the intake of foods such as french fries, chocolate and other fatty foods when you have acne.

I want to make clear though, that foods does not cause acne. The problem is some foods contribute to hormonal changes/imbalance which is the prime factor in causing acne.

These are simple but effective home remedies to cure acne. However these just barely scratches the surface.