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Holistic Cure For Kidney Infection Besides Cranberry Supplements / Juice?

Just because you have a kidney infection doesn’t mean that you have to learn to live with a kidney infection. In “Holistic Cure For Kidney Infection Besides Cranberry Supplements / Juice?” we look at natural options for treating kidney infections with our using cranberry juice. We have included additional links for other educational resources.

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You Can Treat A Kidney Infection Naturally


While cranberry juice can be effective in treating kidney infections the effectiveness depends on the dosage. Still for many people taking cranberry juice causes other problems such as heartburn, increased blood sugar, higher blood pressure and is stressful on your liver. So what are some other effective natural options for treating kidney infections? This is a question that more than 1/2 of women will ask themselves since that is the number who will get some form of UTI or urinary tract infection. Here are the best ways to avoid and cure kidney and other urinary tract infections.

1. Get The Active Ingredient, D-mannose, Found In Cranberry Juice From Other Sources:

Here is a list of the other sources of D-mannose:




These sources will be better for you with fewer side effects than cranberry juice.

2. Stay Hydrated By Drinking Plenty Of Water:

You should drink, as a rule, 8 – 8 ounces glasses of water daily. This amounts to two liters or 1/2 gallon of water. Pure filtered water is best.

3. Don’t Hold It

You should not try to avoid going to the bathroom. When you feel the need to urinate then you should find a restroom and go.

4. Wipe From Front To Back

After going to the restroom wipe yourself from the front to the back. This will help avoid spreading bacteria to your urethra.

5. Clean Using Showers

A shower is going to be better for you than an bath. Avoid sitting in baths and hot tubs for long periods of time. Baths and hot tubs usually harbor bacteria.

6. Clean Up After Sex

Make sure and clean your genital area as soon as possible after having sex

7. Don’t Use Sprays Around Your Urethra

Feminine hygiene spray products can irritate the urethra

8. Wipe Using Basic Toilet Paper

Avoid toilet paper that is scented. These contain dyes that can cause a reaction

9. Maintain A Healthy Diet That Involves Probiotic Bacteria

Foods that are fermented will contain these bacteria. Here are some examples:




Vegetables That Are Fermented

Taking these simple steps can help to reduce the chances of you getting a urinary tract or kidney infection. Still if symptoms persist you should seek the advice of your personal physician. A kidney or urinary tract infection can be the symptom of a greater problem.




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