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Easy Home Remedies For Snoring

Live With A Partner That Snores? Easy Home Remedies for Snoring

If you live with someone that snores on a nightly basis, you may be searching for home remedies for snoring that will ease the noise and give you a night of peaceful sleep. The good news is that home remedies for snoring do exist and for some can prove to be quite helpful, the problem is finding the one that works best for you and your snoring partner. A commitment to trial and error should offer you with the opportunities to experiment with different home remedies for snoring until you settle on the one that works best for you.

Reach for the Stars, At Least With The Head Of The Bed

One idea in home remedies for snoring is to simply elevate the head of the bed. Raising the height of the head of the bed, by placing the two feet of the bed on bricks or another supportive product can often reduce the snoring of the person sleeping in the bed. As a home remedy for snoring, this one is also beneficial for those that become congested during the night or are suffering from a cold or intense allergies. It is by elevating the upper torso that it is possible to prevent the nasal passages from becoming congested and causing the snoring. When lying flat the person sleeping will get congested and sleep with their mouth open and thereby increase the sound and amount of snoring that occurs.

A Pillow Fight Might Provide A Home Remedy For Snoring

Science has determined that for a person that suffers from snoring, pillows only further enhance the problem. Anything that actively places a kink in the neck while sleeping can cause an individual to snore. For someone that is prone to snoring, this is a combination that will most definitely lead to a noisy and disruptive night. So, a quick home remedy for snoring might be to get rid of the pillows all together and thus prevent that primary kink in the neck and the ensuing struggle over pillow comfort and snore volume.

Tennis Anyone? The Tennis Ball Provides a Home Remedy for Snoring

An instantaneous home remedy for snoring is the modification of the snoring individuals sleeping position. If your partner snores less when sleeping on their side, consider implementing a sleeping idea that keeps your partner asleep and still keeps them on their side. Purchase a tennis ball and sew it into the back of the pajamas that your partner wears to bed. The tennis ball provides a discomfort when the snoring partner rolls over onto their back, thus forcing them to return to their side and maintains a snore free position. This home remedy for snoring does not work for everyone but it is a good place to start. The use of the tennis ball is to modify the sleeping style and pattern of the snoring individual. The idea is that the ball will reduce the habit of sleeping on the back and increase the desired behavior of side sleeping. It is believed that the tennis ball will provide the stimulus to create and modify the unwanted behavior and soon the tennis ball will no longer be necessary once the habit is changed.

Scott Goodman