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Easy Headache Home Remedies To Help Reduce Your Throbbing Pains

Having throbbing pains at the sides of your head can ruin your plans for the day. You may find it hard to concentrate and hence, feel the need to lie down and rest. While you nurse your headache, you may consider taking an OTC drug for pain relief. Well, before you do that, do consider using some headache home remedies to reduce your pain and for some level of comfort.

One of the most common home headache home remedies is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the science of using different smells to activate different parts of your body. Some of these aromas can reduce the pain from your headaches. These scents include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and sandalwood. If you do get the occasional headache, you can purchase some aromatherapy supplies in advance. Burn some aromatherapy oils in your room while you are resting. To get maximum benefits, make sure that the essential oils that you purchase are of good quality.

Another good idea for headache home remedies is the use of different temperatures. For instance, you may discover that warm temperatures will reduce the intensity of your headache. However, other people may find that cold temperatures lessen their headache. This is why you should take the time to experiment and discover what temperature works best for you. Then you can wrap a hot or cold towel around your neck and find that the pain of your headache is lessened.

Some gentle yoga or exercise can also help you get rid of a headache, especially if it is mild. Exercise helps your body be able to cope with pain better. Exercise also causes the levels of neurotransmitters in your body to rise. This will cause you to feel better both mentally and physically. However, do not engage in vigorous exercise. Too much exercise can also be counter productive.

Massage can be a good form of headache home remedies. This is especially true when massages are combined with the use of essential oils. Massaging the neck, back and shoulders will help you feel better when you have a headache. You can also get your therapist to come to your own home for a session as nothing feels better than to be under the skilled hands of a trained professional.

These are just some of the examples for headache home remedies that you can easily use. You may find that not all remedies will work for your case. You will just need to try which one works. In addition, if you have intense throbbing headache pains, you should go see your doctor so as to make sure that you do not have a more serious problem.

Sandra Kim Leong