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Any home remedies for nails that break easily?

I used to have really healthy nails that would always grow and stay long, but after I got gel nails couple of times, I can’t grow my natural ones any more…I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Do you know any home remedies for nails that chip, peel and crack?

if theyre peeling their most likely dried out, for this you could try rubbing vasiline on them, if u dont have vasiline any other moisterizer will work just as good. make sure u rub it over the entire nail including the skin where the nail grows from :).
its not a home remedy but i know you can by nail hardening/strengthening nail polishes (they are normally clear), but to protect them you can paint them with any coloured nail polish just to give them extra strength and prevent them from drying out (mosterizing cream will still get to the nails even if you are wearing nail polish).
its also important that ur nails are at an adequet length so to increase there strength. ive found that washing the dishes, and having baths or long showers wear my nails are prolonged to water makes them quite thin and weak so if doing the dishes i would wear gloves.

the more calcium u eat/drink the tougher ur nails will be.

another thing u can do is soak ur nails for 15mins in a beaten egg(u dnt need to use the whole thing) this wil make them more healthy( stronger, shinier, less chance of chiping and cracking)

nails and hair are made of the same things, so if u think about the care u give ur hair eg. cleaning, moisterizing, ur nails need the same to be heathy 🙂

🙂 sorry its long but i hope its helpful