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Alternative Medicine Helps You Achieve Maximized Living

Modern medicine for many years ignored alternative medicine. Time has changed that view. This article looks at alternative medicine and it’s benefits. There are links to alternative medicine resources below.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Helps You Achieve Maximized Living


Alternative medicine has often been scoffed at and discounted by the conventional medical field as “folklore.”  It has been denigrated as useless at best and dangerous at worst and the public has been steered away from herbs and tinctures and toward antibiotics and cough syrup. However, the more science advances, the more it has become clear that alternative medicine has its place in the world and that alternative treatments can help achieve maximized living.

It is very true that in the wrong hands alternative medicines can be dangerous. The mere fact of something being organic does not give it healing properties or even make it safe. As with all medical treatments, it is important to be an active participant in treatment and to be aware of what one is putting in one’s body.

It is also crucial to be aware of potential interactions between alternative and conventional treatments if one is using a combination of both to treat various ills. While there is still some stigma involved in utilizing folk treatments, an increasing number of medical professionals are willing to discuss their use with their clients, if for no other reason than to make certain there will not be unpleasant or fatal interactions between two treatments.

There is also a growing acknowledgement that while there are aspects of alternative medical treatments that are of little or no efficacy, that many others do have their value. The original components of aspirin came, after all, from the folk remedy of drinking willow bark tea. St. John’s Wort has proven to have some benefit in treating depression, and doctors will now sometimes steer menopausal women toward herbal treatments to alleviate their symptoms, especially after hormone prescriptions were shown to have so many deleterious side effects.

With antibiotics proving to be increasingly problematical, more physicians are leaning towards treatments that alleviate the patient’s suffering, while allowing the body to fight off the infection itself. This goes in tandem with aspects of the green movement decrying the amounts of chemical leftovers from millions of prescriptions flowing through the world’s water.

Another reason behind the growing approval of the use of alternative medicine is the increasing cost of prescriptions. Under certain financial circumstances, people are more inclined toward folk cures for their ills, because they can afford them better than conventional medicines.

Whether due to the growing awareness that some of the alternative cures were employed by the “folk” because they actually worked or the understanding that due to culture, religion or inclination, people who believe in the treatments will use them regardless of what conventional medicine degree, alternative medicine is being increasingly accepted by the medical community. This is a good thing, as the general public has long seen alternative medicine as a means of maximizing life.

Alan King


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