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Acne Home Remedies Beat the Living Daylights Out of Acne!

Whether you are 16 or 60 if you have acne you know how embarrassing it can be. This article discusses several options to help reduce or even make your skin acne free.

Home Remedy Network Home Remedies For Acne Free Skin

Home Remedy Network Home Remedies For Acne Free Skin

Acne home remedies are gaining popularity in recent years and this momentum is not about to stop. But before we talk about these acne home remedies, let us go through some factors and substances we should try to avoid so that we get the optimum results.

Things to Avoid

1. Greasy Cosmetics

Greasy cosmetics contain agents that may change the follicle cells and cause augmentation. When that happens, sebum cannot escape and as it builds up in the skin pores, blackheads, whiteheads and acne result.

2. Certain Drugs

If you know you are sensitive and susceptible to acne outbreaks, avoid taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs that contain androgens, barbiturates and lithium. Some substances interact with one another and develop acne as a symptom. When you taking drugs containing stanozolol, avoid mixing with medications containing any of these such as flunisolide, aerobid, aerobid-M, nasalide and bronalide.

3. Rough Skin Handling

Treat your skin with care when washing and shaving. Try not to scratch or squeeze your pimples.

4. Excessive Exposure to Sunlight and Pollutants

Avoid excessive sunlight and exposure to pollutants. Spend more time indoors than outdoors. Over dosage of sunlight would hurt our skin complexion.

5. Contact Pressure

This refers to the contact pressure between our skin and clothes or head gear we wear such as sports headgear, tight clothings etc.

Effective Acne Home Remedies

1. Grind fresh fenugreek leaves into a paste and apply it over your face every night for 15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. This is a secret formula for clear skin.

2. Go to the supermarket and get hold of some strawberry leaves. Strawberry leaves are good alkaline. Apply them on the acne spots to suppress swelling.

3. Lemons are great as acne home remedies. There are a few uses for it. You can either use the lemon skin to massage your face or mix the juice with rose water before application on your face. Do this for 30 minutes daily and you should be able to see a marked improvement in your skin complexion.

4. Garlic is one of the best acne home remedies in the world. If you can overcome the odour, apply ground or pounded garlic on your face 2 times daily. It would work wonders on your acne.

5. Eat the oranges but leave the skin or peels behind. Grind them into a paste and apply them on the affected acne spots.

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