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Acne Home Remedies

Acne can ruin a night now matter what your age, race or financial status. This article “Acne Home Remedies” offers some options for you to treat acne in the privacy of your own home. There are also some additional links at below to give you further insight on acne home remedies.

Home Remedy Network Acne Home Remedies

Home Remedy Network Acne Home Remedies


It’s your big prom night. You have the perfect dress, and the boy of your dreams is on his way to pick you up. People will tell you how lovely you look. That is… until they see the big red zit on your nose! With hours before prom left, you are confronted with a huge disaster: acne. How do you get rid of it with a home remedy?

Before you ruin your eye makeup, realize this: There are some home remedies for the treatment of acne. If you can’t bring your well-trusted dermatologist to your big dance, there is still some hope yet. Let’s take a look at a few types of acne home remedies.

First of all, one of the best over-the-counter home remedies for acne is cortisone cream. This particular type of cream can be found in any drug store or Walmart in the United States. Simply put, cortisone cream is known for its ability to decrease inflammation, itching, and swelling. It will also stop burning as well as assist in adding moisture to the skin. With some cortisone cream and a little bit of cover-up makeup, you will be set for your big night.

If you can’t make it to the drug store in time, but happen to have some basic foods around your house, you may be able to do the trick with a little tomato and parsley! All you must do is but a piece of the tomato as well as three tablespoons of parsley in a blender and apply the mixture to your skin for a few minutes. You may find that this cause the swelling and redness to go away. This is because tomatoes are known to disinfect because of their acidity. For this same reason, lemon juice and lime juice are also great disinfectants for your skin. Any type of food that has a high level of acidity should definitely do the job.

If you have some rubbing alcohol handy, you can use a cotton ball to apply it to the area of your skin that is affected. The alcohol will dry out your blemish and the skin around it. This will stop the pimple from spreading or becoming larger. The last thing you want is more zits to go to the dance with.

Another option is to mix some nutmeg into boiling milk. Sound odd? Maybe. But applying this to your face and keeping it on for an hour or it just may just get you to the prom feeling great and looking great! You can even try rubbing some fresh garlic on the blemish. This may prevent any scarring from occurring.

And speaking of scarring, one thing you should definitely NOT DO is pop your pimples. This will definitely cause scarring and cause you to look even worse – long after your big night is over with. Any dermatologist would tell you the same thing. So if you want to look great and feel great, leave the remedies to these home products and not to your fingers!

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