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Not all acne is created equally. Nodular acne is a severe form of acne. Nodular acne doesn’t respond to traditional acne treatments. This article and video “NODULAR ACNE TREATMENT NATURAL” looks at some natural treatment options for nodular acne. There are additional links that will offer some more information on how to treat nodular acne below.

Home Remedy Network Nodular Acne Treatment Natural

Home Remedy Network Nodular Acne Treatment Natural


First since many people do not know what nodular acne is let define it. Nodular acne is severe form of acne. Nodular acne is characterized by large, inflamed and many times very painful breakouts. Compared to normal pimples nodules are much larger and far more serious. Nodules have an impact on deeper layers of the sufferers skin which makes them more painful. The name severe nodular acne is probably a better term to describe the forms of acne that occurs. Nodular acne does not discriminate in terms of where it occurs. Nodular acne can appear on the body, face and back of those who suffer from it. It can result in severe scarring.


Since The American Academy of Dermatology would be the expert on acne it is important to not that they admit that nodular acne doesn’t respond each and every time to the traditional acne treatments. Here are the natural treatment options that have been shown to be effective in treating nodular acne.

Nodular Acne Treatment Natural Option #1 – Tea Tree Oil: Applying tea tree oil directly to your skin and in particularly the affected areas works.

NODULAR ACNE TREATMENT NATURAL Option #2 – Black Currant Seed Oil: This can be used in several forms:





If taken orally you should do so with a meal.

NODULAR ACNE TREATMENT NATURAL Option #3 – Green Tea: Green tea offers the ability to be taken in pill or liquid form.

NODULAR ACNE TREATMENT NATURAL Option #4 РAzadirachta Indica (Neem): Neem is a tree extract which has both anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic capabilities. Neem offers the ability for internally cleansing acne along with other skin problems.

Since herbal treatments have not been approved or regulated by the FDA you should always work with the advice of a medical professional. This will help insure you are not severely impacted by any adverse interactions.

The cause of nodular acne was intestinal problems (constipation) and the treatment was accompanied with: 1 liter of water fasting – morning exercises – fruit diet.

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