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Lap Band Surgery Testimonial Alternative Holistic Health Care

This is a testimonial from a lap band surgery patient who received his lap band at Sanoviv Medical Insitute, a holistic and complementary alternative health care facility.\r\n\r\nLap band surgery is available at Sanoviv Medical Institute. Our facility has never had a single staph infection, which is the 5th leading cause of death in the US. This is due to the cleanliness of our facility. You can expect to recover from your surgery faster than other hospitals due to the fact that prior to obesity surgery, you will receive a highly nutritional diet of organic foods and detoxification treatments. Visit our site to learn more about obesity and laparoscopic surgery compared to gastric bypass.\r\n\r\nOur diagnostics focus on the root cause of your illness, not the symptoms. We recognize and honor the powerful role that the mind plays in health and healing. We use proven complementary medical and mind-body solutions to eliminate disease, we don\\\’t mask symptoms with drugs and unnecessary medical procedures. Our medical doctors are trained in traditional, holistic, complementary and alternative medical treatments.\r\n\r\nSanoviv provides care and treatment for other diseases. Visit or call 800-726-6848 to speak to an admission specialist.\r\n

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