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How To Cure A Yeast Infection Completely — Holistic Cure

Having a yeast infection is something that many women have experienced. This video looks at some natural methods to cure a yeast infection. There are additional links to resources at the end of this post.

Home Remedy Network How to Cure A Yeast Infection

Home Remedy Network How to Cure A Yeast Infection


10 Tips To Avoid Or Cure A Yeast Infection

Tip #1: Keep Yourself Dry And Wear Loose Clothing

Tip#2: Stay Clean In The Vaginal Area

Tip#3: Stay Away From Harsh Soaps And Feminine Hygiene Products

Tip#4: Use Yogurt By Inserting In The Vagina

Tips#5: Boric Acid Can Do The Trick

Tip#6: OTC Fungal Creams Can Be Effective

Tip#7: Drinking Cranberry Juice Or Eating 2 Cloves Of Garlic Daily

Tip#8: Herbal Tea Made From Basil Or A Rosemary Douche May Help

Tip#9: Using Condoms Can Avoid Reinfection. Men Can Carry A Yeast Infection With No Symptoms

Tip#10: Avoid Routine Douching



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