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Holistic way to cure a cold?

My friend has had a cough for a while now and he’s one of those who refuse to go to the doctor.
Is there anything I can do for him aside from telling him to go to a clinic? He’s been chewing ginger, drinking E3 live, manuka honey.
What are some other holistic medicines I could bring him?
It might be a bug he caught in Mexico, if that’s relevant at all.
It’s a dry caugh, no phlegm being caught up, his nose is a little stuffed up but not enough to prevent breathing through the nose. It doesn’t feel like he has a fever. He’s tired all the time but can’t afford time off. That’s about all I can think of to relay to you.
Thank you for any help!
It might not actually be just a cold, I just don’t know what else to call it

In the question you said it was cold and in details said it was dry cough. For cold caused by rhinitis virus there is no med and it leaves after a few days of infection being self destructive and the meds given by Drs is for the secondary infection by bacteria in the tissues damaged by the virus..

For dry cough several cough syrups are available in allopathy available in drug stores.. If there is a sore throat, salt water gargle and some anti inflamatory drug like Ibuprofen (brufen) would do..

Dont take irritating hot oily food or cold items as well. Warm bland diet, lot of liquids would be best.. Honey is said to cure cough with phlegm in ayruveda, but allopaths dont agree with any sweet items as it may promote bacterial infection..

If it is very severe and disturbs sleep it is best to take Codine syrup available in various brand names (corex etc) as it would stop the reflux cough due to allergies.. but it would also cause bowel stasis and constipation. So take some laxative as well, if there is constipation.

It is best to see Dr when things are bad instead of deciding arbitrarily.. health is not a play thing. Tell your friend or try all the combination of ideas given here! God help..