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Endometriosis Part 108 – Endometriosis and Naturopathy

For those who have had to deal with endometriosis you know what a constant pain that is unrelenting can be like. This article “Endometriosis Part 108 – Endometriosis and Naturopathy” looks at the disease and some natural options for relief. We have also included links to other resources for natural relief from endometriosis.

Endometriosis and Naturopathy


Endometriosis and Naturopathy

Endometriosis and Naturopathy

As has been mentioned in previous articles, endometriosis growing somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period.

As we know, naturopathy plays a very important role in some culture in treating all kind of diseases. In this article, we will discuss how naturopathy helps to treat endometriosis.

I. Definition
Naturopathy is also known as naturopathic medicine. It is a system of medicine based on the healing power of nature. Naturopathy is a holistic system, it uses every helpful tool to stimulate the body to heal itself such as foods, exercise, and diet.

II. How it work
Naturopathic medicine recognizes the self-healing process in the body by identifying and treating the causes of illness, rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms, so our body can heal itself.

Here are the principles of naturopathy used in treating endometriosis:

Principles Of Endometriosis And Naturopathy Treatments a) Hormone balancing
Naturopathic medicine helps to restore the balance of estrogen in our body and prevent re-occurrences by correcting underlying hormonal problems rather than suppressing the body’s own hormones. It helps to release the symptom of endometriosis during menstrual cycle.

Principles Of Endometriosis And Naturopathy Treatments b) Ensure normal menstrual flow
Besides re-balancing the level of estrogen, the diet plans also provide enough vitamins and trace minerals that are necessary for a normal menstrual flow.

Principles Of Endometriosis And Naturopathy Treatments c) Decrease breaking of capillary and uterine muscle spasm
Intake of necessary vitamins and trace minerals such as vitamin C and magnesium will help to reduce breaking of small vessels and uterine muscle spasms.

Principles Of Endometriosis And Naturopathy Treatments d) Strengthening the immune system immune system
Depending on diagnosis, if the weakened immune system is caused by low oxygen level in your blood and heavy flow of menstruation, then moderate exercise may be suggested and herbs that help to increase production of iron may be given.

Principles Of Endometriosis And Naturopathy Treatments e) Improve liver function
If in case the liver can not completely break down and remove excess estrogen, other hormones, and toxins, then liver cleansing herbs may be given.

Principles Of Endometriosis And Naturopathy Treatments f) Constipation.
Women with endometriosis commonly experience symptoms of constipation which increase the complication of their pain and hormonal imbalance. Flax seeds and dried fruits may be suggested together with dark green leaf juices.

Make sure and seek the advice of your personal physician if you have any symptoms of Endometriosis. The suggestions contained in this Endometriosis and Naturopathy article are not meant to take the place of your physician’s advice.

Endometriosis and Naturopathy


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