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Do You Think Holistic Psychology Is Possible, Thoughts?

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I am thinking of becoming a clinical psychologist and was thinking I might get more business by taking on a holistic view. I have been raised in a house hold where holistic medicine is used to cure virtually everything, and psychology very well could be treated the same way. Anyone have any thoughts?
Just to let everyone know when I say holistic I am meaning homeopathic. Just hope to clarify!

Home Remedy Network - Do You Think Holistic Psychology Is Possible, Thoughts

Home Remedy Network – Do You Think Holistic Psychology Is Possible, Thoughts

The first question to ask is what is Traditional Psychology and how does it compare to Holistic Psychology? Here is a comparison of the two approaches:
The Current Traditional Psychology –  The purpose is to help the individual adjust individuals so that they are able to fit into the culture, system or technique that they are surrounded by.

The New Holistic Psychology – The purpose is to help the individual achieve actualization through empowering them to find their the real self by being true to who they really are.


The Current Traditional Psychology – The psychotherapy model is the model used for treatment. The method used to address problems in this model are psychological in nature. The treatment is based on outside causes, influences, triggers to determine any potential solutions.

The New Holistic Psychology –  the transformation model is the model that is used to seek resolution for issues. The treatment looks at interpersonal triggers or internal not external solutions such as spiritual self-development, systemic trance, peak experiences, self beyond the ego,  mystical experiences,  as well as other expanded experiences of living.
The Current Traditional Psychology – Being unhealthy is determined by beliefs that are judgmental in nature. People are put into categories based on labels. For example – white male bias is used as a definition and this tends to keep people in a place that they can never get out of.

The New Holistic Psychology –  Being unhealthy is simply in place that lacks energy flow within the cells, body and mind. This is a state which can be altered.


The Current Traditional Psychology – The goal of traditional psychology is to control the behavior, thoughts and emotions of the individual.

The New Holistic Psychology –  The goal holistic psychology is to find and maximize the use of natural strengths.


The Current Traditional Psychology – Technique-based.

The New Holistic Psychology – Process-based
The Current Traditional Psychology – Verbal approach, talk therapy

The New Holistic Psychology – Energy approach, nonverbal, experiential
The Current Traditional Psychology – Talks about problems, blocks, chemistry and symptoms

The New Holistic Psychology – Directly affects the unhealthy energy in the mind-body so it moves toward holistic health


The Current Traditional Psychology –No awareness of energy.

The New Holistic Psychology – Awareness of energy is used to empower people.


The Current Traditional Psychology – Brain is dominate and all- knowing.

The New Holistic Psychology – Body and spirit are equal to the brain.


The Current Traditional Psychology – Thinking is dominant.

The New Holistic Psychology – Feeling is equal to thinking.
The Current Traditional Psychology – Outside authorities have answers.

The New Holistic Psychology – Inner knowing has solutions.
The Current Traditional Psychology – Unequal relationships maintain low self esteem.

The New Holistic Psychology – Equal relationships used to empower all people.
The Current Traditional Psychology – Certain lifestyles, gender and professions are more valuable than others.

The New Holistic Psychology – Values all people equally.


The Current Traditional Psychology –Committed to specific, invested groups. Values certain cultures and genders more than others.

The New Holistic Psychology –Committed to global well-being. Values all cultures, lifestyles and genders equally.


The newer approach is to look at the individual with respect and to view the situation in a holistic way. If the professional you are dealing with does not act in a manner that you feel valued and is geared towards healing your mind, body and emotions as a whole the you are probably not dealing with a holistic practitioner not matter what the sign on the door says. The holistic practitioner will treat the source of the issue not just the symptoms.




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