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Diabetes Symptoms – What Every Diabetic Needs To Watch Out For

Whether you have type one or type two diabetes mellitus, both types will give you similar diabetes symptoms that you need to watch out for. When you have either of these two types, your blood has too much glucose or sugar that it can handle. And we all know that too much is never good for our bodies. When glucose in your blood increases to a very high level, your body will start giving you different signs and symptoms of a diabetic patient.

When you have type one, the damage is in the insulin-producing cells or the beta cells because they can no longer produce the right amount of insulin to counteract high sugar levels in your blood. This is the action of insulin, and if it is lacking in significant amounts, the body will then start showing signs.

In type two, a similar story is present, except that the damage is in your cells because it is already developed resistance to insulin. Therefore, even though your body produces the right amount of it, it still will not do any good because the rest of your body will still reject it anyway. This results to elevated blood sugar levels that lead to diabetes mellitus.

1. Frequent Urination: If you have noticed that you seem to be going to the bathroom a lot more recently, then it could be one of the signs of this blood sugar disorder. If no other reason seems to have caused this–frequent intake of water or other illnesses, then it could be one of the signs you are looking for. In this kind of medical condition, since glucose is already up and running in high levels in your blood circulation, when it reaches the kidneys the organs cannot filter the glucose. They end up diluting your urine by adding more water and that is when your urinary bladder seems to be full all the time.

2. Tingling Sensation: This is also called in medical terms as a neuropathy, and it occurs in most diabetic patients. Since this medical condition affects glucose in your blood and your blood travels to different parts of your body, the rest of your organ systems are affected. In here, we are talking about your nervous system, where all kinds of nerves are affected. The signs are mostly clear in the extremities and are usually felt as tingling sensations. Although mostly evident in later stages, you can feel this if you are diagnosed with diabetes.

3. You are Always Thirsty: When your thirst seems to be unquenchable, you could be showing the signs of diabetic patients. Since your body needs more water to dilute your urine that filled with glucose, you could be feeling thirsty more often than necessary.

4. Blurred vision: This usually happens in later stages, but your visual organ system is also affected when you are diagnosed as diabetic. As explained earlier, diabetes mellitus is a systematic disease, so it can affect different organ parts including your eyes.

Do you have any of these signs? If you do, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Make sure you do not have any of these diabetes symptoms and have yourself checked before it could be too late. presents Diabetes Remedies and Diabetes Holistic Treatment. How to care for your Diabetes naturally through ayurveda. Tips for taking care of your diabetes and remedies and recipes for food and herbs. The holistic treatment for Diabetes includes the individual to include mind, body, and spirit. Diabetic solutions and remedies and holistic treatment. Call us 888-353-7252


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