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Can Herbal Cure Hepatitis B Virus?

This post was in answer to a question regarding treating hepatitis b with herbal medicine. You should consult your physician or doctor before attempting any treatments for hepatitis b. There are additional links and resources at the end of this post.

Home Remedy Network Hepatitis B

Home Remedy Network Hepatitis B Are There Herbal Treatments?


does holistic also cure hepatitis B virus or vitamins? if vitamin can cure what are they?

Hep B most often presents with relatively mild flu-like symptoms and can be cleared by a healthy immune system, usually without major incident. To help your body kick the infection faster, there are natural treatments available. For example, short term high dose vitamin A or D or even C are anti-viral in nature. Garlic is also an excellent anti-viral (specifically allicin, so look for a supplement that’s standardized for allicin content.)

In rare cases where it becomes fulminant hepatitis (fewer than 20% of cases), antiviral treatment may be necessary. In these cases, sillimarin (from milk thistle) and shissandra are two excellent options to facilitate healing and restore liver health.

INF treatment is only administered for hepatitis C (which CANNOT be cleared by the human immune system and increases one’s risk for liver cancer and other potentially serious conditions significantly.)

It would be really (inappropriately) aggressive to treat the average Hep B infection with INF!