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What Are Some Home/Herbal Remedies For Major Depression?

Major depression is something that can take people into the deepest darkest depths. This article “What Are Some Home/Herbal Remedies For Major Depression?” offers some natural options to help battle depression. There are additional links to help you educate yourself on depression below.


Major Depression

I’ve been diagnosed as having major depression, and the drs. were unsure if I am bipolar. I have tried several medications and have had awful side effects,from hallucinations to becoming a complete insomniac. I therefore do not wish to try any more medications. I have been experiencing Major Depression, for an extensive period(around 8 months) and have put on a substantial amount of weight, socially isolated myself for the most part and generally just don’t care. i am looking for any home or herbal remedies to help me deal with this Major Depression. I really  thank you.

Major Depression can be treated with help.


There is some evidence to suggest that Bipolar individuals or individuals with Major Depression do not assimilate the B vitamins properly so some doctors recommend injections of  mega doses of B complex for them. This is a anti-stress vitamin complex anyway.

Also, highly recommended is a combination of Fish oil caps and Evening Primrose oil. St. John’s Wort is a mild anti-depressant but should not be taken in conjunction with other anti-depressants as this could overdose your serotonin levels. Having an overdose will not help you with Major Depression in the long run. Recovering from an overdose is traumatic in and of itself.

Aerobic exercise is also proven to release good chemicals in the brain. Getting out and being in the sunshine and fresh air can have a positive effect on Major Depression.

If you are Bipolar, it is important for you and/or loved ones to keep track of your phases so that you can discontinue any anti-depressants when you shift to normal phase. If you don’t they can possibly trigger a major manic episode. This is dangerous.

Take the time to see a professional if these tips do not help your Major Depression. Major Depression is not something to take lightly.

Major Depression


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