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Natural and Herbal Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss impacts both men and women for various reasons. This article “Natural and Herbal Hair Loss Remedies” looks at some herbal solutions for hair loss.

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies

There are numbers of hair loss treatments available today but before starting any of them you should know the type of your hairs and other factors that may affect your treatment procedure.

Types of Hair

1. Normal Hair – It is non-greasy, looks silky & healthy and easy to manage.

2. Oily Hair – It comes with oily scalp. It needs to be washed and conditioned regularly. It attracts dust and dirt easily. This kind of hair can easily slip out of its follicle early. It makes hair look lanky even after a wash.

3. Dry Hair – It is difficult to maintain. It comes with dry, scaly scalp. It looks thin and rough and has more often than not split ends.

Hair loss treatment also depends on various factors like age, gender, medical background, life condition, genetics, and ability of handling stress.

Natural Ways to Handle Hair Loss

• Green vegetables, protein-rich foods like fish, milk, pulses, curd, and taking balanced diet prevents hair loss.

• Eat natural foods, fiber-rich vegetables.

• Avoid junk foods, dieting, stress, excess salt, alcohol, caffeine, and over cooked foods.

• Take herbal formulas for hair loss. This treatment involves the use different herbs like green tea, ginko, which is natural and safe.

Hair Loss Remedies

• Treat the fungal infection caused on scalp by using medicinal soaps and medicines recommended by doctors.

• Treat several diseases, like diabetics through yoga.

• Use natural hair loss shampoos and lotions for hair loss treatment.

• Try warm oil hair massage to stimulate hair growth.

• Also try to reduce stress from your life through yoga and meditation.

Before going for any treatments of hair loss, your self-awareness and mental stability is very important. Also your right approach for physician and information regarding treatment is a must.

Disclaimer: This article Natural and Herbal Hair Loss Remedies is not meant to take the place of advice from a medical professional.


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