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Herbal Remedies That Help to Beat Cancer


Herbal Remedies That Help To Beat Beat Cancer

Beat Cancer

Beat Cancer

Cancer is a condition that requires prolonged treatment. The therapies for cancer include radiation, chemo and biological. People are turning to natural products and remedies to accompany the treatment schedule for more effectiveness. It has been known from time immemorial that there are many herbs that have antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties.

A brief idea of these herbs that could save your life is given below:

Beat Cancer: 1-Garlic stimulates immune system and increases the killing abilities of the T cells and the white blood cells. It doesn’t allow the production of toxins by germs. It has been found to have very effective anti cancer properties. The consumption of garlic would provide you with maximum immune power.

Beat Cancer: 2-Eichnacea enhances the immune system. It stimulates white blood cells of the body.

Beat Cancer: 3-Panax ginseng or the Chinese ginseng affects the central nervous system and thereby improves the immune system of the body through the adrenocortical hormones.

Beat Cancer: 4-Astragalus leads to an increased production of interferons by the immune system of the body.

Beat Cancer: 5-Licorice root is one of the three most important herbs in the world. It has interferon like property.

Beat Cancer: 6-Pau d’arco or Lapacho is an immune system stimulant. It is very strong against viruses.

Beat Cancer: 7-Wild Indigo is a natural antibiotic. It also is responsible for enhancing the immune system.

Beat Cancer: 8-Myrrh increases the phagocytosis or the bacteria killing effect of the white blood cells.

Beat Cancer: 9-Thyme is used for combating infections.

Many different types of herbal combinations are used for treatment Beat Cancer. These include blood purifiers, immune strengtheners, immune enhancers, herbal enzymes etc. Cancer treatment using herbal remedies is incomplete without the use of astragalus, ligustrum and medicinal mushrooms. The shitake, maitake and the reishi mushrooms increase life span of cancer patients. Herbs containing protein dissolving properties are believed to have the ability to dissolve the tumor away. Escarotic herbs help to break down tumors.

The main problems associated with herbal remedies are that there is no scientific evidence proving their properties. Carctol and Chapparal are the two herbal remedies that have helped in the treatment of cancer. There is evidence that proves that cancer symptoms are helped by the usage of herbal remedies but no cure has been discovered so far.

Some of the herbal remedies that are available over the counter have serious side effects and can also interfere with the drugs prescribed by the doctor. Another important factor is that there is no system or standards set for these herbal products and most often the label does not give complete information regarding the components of the drug.

The doctor should be consulted before starting with any herbal remedy Beat Cancer to . It is wise to remember that though these products are natural they can have affects on the body. The herbs like ginseng, garlic, ginkgo have been found to interfere with cancer drugs. The use of herbs might dilute the effect of these drugs or sometimes increase the effect leading to complications. These remedies should be taken only after research and consultation in your mission to Beat Cancer.


Help Beat Cancer and To Your Health!


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Beat Cancer