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Herbal Remedies For Hot Flashes: Are They Effective?

For those of you who go from being comfortable to burning up and then cold again this article “Herbal Remedies For Hot Flashes: Are They Effective?” is for you. There are herbal options that will help you fight hot flashes. There are also more links to other sites contained below.

Home Remedy Network Women's Issues Herbal Remedies For Hot Flashes Are They Effective

Home Remedy Network Women’s Issues Herbal Remedies For Hot Flashes Are They Effective


While most people are not aware of it, there are herbal remedies that are effective for for hot flashes. These herbal remedies can be used as an alternative to traditional hormonal therapy. Studies have shown that traditional hormone therapy can actually increase the risk, in many women, the occurrence of breast cancer.

But as recent studies have made all too clear – hormone therapy can actually increase the risk of breast cancer, stroke, and heart problems. The herbal remedies for hot flashes are all scientifically based and in many cases the hormonal treatments are based in part from the herbal remedies.

Certain plants are capable of creating estrogenic and progestational effects, thereby achieving the same or similar results as hormone therapy. In the United States the idea of using herbal remedies for hot flashes is just finally gaining widespread acceptance while in Germany 70% of doctors prescribe herbal remedies. In Europe herbal remedies are also covered by insurance in the same manner as hormonal therapy.

Herbal remedies for hot flashes include Black Cohosh, also known as Squawroot, Black snakeroot, Rattle weed. Hot flashes are some of the early symptoms of menopause and include night sweats, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Your hot flashes can generally last from just a few seconds to 6 minutes or longer and come on several times a day. The degree will vary from person to person and in some can be very severe.

Hot flashes can not only be very embarrassing but also debilitating as well. They can cause you to have problems sleeping at all or to toss and turn all night. One of the most effective herbal remedies for hot flashes involves using the rhizome of the Black Cohosh plant. Native Americans would boil this plant to make a tea that would treat various illnesses that affected women. This herbal remedy works by blocking the receptors for estrogen, which results in the LH (a hormone) being lowered.

I order to get the most out of your use of herbal remedies you should always consult an herbalist. You should also be aware that is you are taking an prescriptions that there could be some negative reactions between your herbal remedies and your prescriptions.

The process of using herbal remedies for hot flashes is something that is natural.  The advantage to herbal remedies for hot flashes, as with most herbal remedies, is the limited negative side effects.

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