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Asthma – Herbal Treatment, Ayurvedic Remedies and Home Remedies

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder in which the inner lining of the respiratory tract becomes inflamed. Alternatively it could be blocked with a layer of mucus or could become constricted due to some other reason. All these factors could lead to severe problems in respiration, which could even result in death of the person.

Though asthma is a chronic disorder, it does not manifest itself all the time. It is exacerbated by certain triggers, which can lead to the bouts of respiratory problems, known as asthmatic attacks. During an asthmatic attack, there is severe difficulty in breathing, characterized by wheezing, gasping, shortness of breath and inability of speech. Generally an attack does not last more than a few minutes. However, a severe attack could kill within those few moments the attack lasts.

Why is Asthma caused?

The exact cause of asthma is not known. But in asthmatic people, the attacks are caused due to some environmental factors to which they are allergic. There are many allergenic factors in the environment such as dust, hair, pollen, lint, smoke, cigarette smoke, perfumes, deodorants and many others. When such an allergen is present in the environment of the person whose respiratory tract is inflamed, the person develops a violent reaction. This is known as an asthmatic attack.

However why some people are allergic to some substances is not known. The same substance can have widely different responses in different people. Even with the same allergen, there could be different levels of responsiveness in different people.

It is being strongly suggested nowadays that allergies develop due to genetic factors. For example, if the father is allergic to chalk powder, then there is a strong possibility that the child will be allergic to the same substance also. Again, it is not clear why in some people the respiratory tracts get inflamed.

What are the Symptoms of Asthma?

When a person is going to get the attack, one or more of the following symptoms can be observed:-

  • The person may find it difficult to breathe. Breathing may occur with gasps.
  • The heartbeat will increase.
  • There will be excessive sweating.
  • There will be spots before the eyes.
  • There could be a sense of claustrophobia, i.e. a feeling of being in a closed environment.
  • Talking will become difficult.
  • There will be a tight, constricted, or even burning feeling, in the chest.
  • When the attack comes on, the following characteristics are observed:-

  • The person would most generally collapse as the ability to stand on the feet would be diminished.
  • Breathing will come in very large gasps; the person will look like as if swallowing air.
  • There will be severe palpitation and profuse sweating.
  • Hands and feet could become cold.
  • Due to loss of nerve impulses, the person may also begin moving spasmodically.
  • How can Asthma be avoided?

    Asthma is a chronic condition; there is no cure for it. Hence the only ‘treatment’ for an asthmatic attack will be to identify the allergenic factor and completely eliminate it from the surroundings of the person. Often it is difficult to find out which the allergen is; but with careful observation, it can be found out.

    People living with an asthmatic patient should also take due care that the allergen is not introduced in the proximity of the person. Generally with the allergen eliminated from the surroundings, asthmatic patients can lead a normal life.

    One more point is to keep a bronchodilator always at hand. This is a pump-like device which pumps air forcibly into the respiratory tract, thereby reducing the constriction. Also the bronchodilator must always be full – negligence could make all the difference between life and death to a patient.

    How can Asthma be controlled with Simple Home Remedies?

    Many traditional recipes have been used over the ages to keep asthma at bay. Though not clinically proven, these recipes have been indeed effective in prolonging the lives of asthmatic persons. Some of these recipes are given below:-

  • Mix a couple of leaves of the holy basil with honey and consume them every morning. This is a very effective remedy to keep asthmatic attacks away.
  • When an attack is about to come, then chewing on some leaves of the holy basil mixed with rock salt.
  • In order to clean the respiratory tract, roast gram and have them with milk just before going to bed.
  • Grind some turmeric (use old turmeric for better results). Mix one teaspoonful of this powder with one tablespoonful of honey (again, the honey must be as old as possible). This is to be taken orally. This recipe is believed to work even when all other methods fail.
  • For asthma in the early stages, it is beneficial to chew on some black pepper before going to bed.
  • For temporary relief from asthmatic attacks, mix some leaves of the holy basil with black pepper and consume them.
  • One more remedy is to mix some lemon juice with ginger and consume it once a day.
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