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Are there any internet forums dedicated to the discussion of herbal remedies?

I am looking for an online forum or message board where I can collaborate with others who are interested in herbal healing, and other natural home remedy treatments. I have friends on other forums with these skills, and I am developing them myself, but I would like to be able to go to a forum dedicated solely to herbal healing and home remedies. Do you know of any such forum, or shall I create one myself?
I have been unable to find a satisfactory one by internet searches.

I am recommending This site i read in books and have heard from friends is amazing. It does cost $10.00 a month i think, but it contains a whole lot of info on where to get herbal remedies, what herbal remedies cure certain diseases, which holistic doctors are noteworthy to go to and that actually care for a persons well being rather than making money, where to get 100% organic food, ect. There is an abundance of info on this site.