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Any herbal remedies out there for a dog with seriously dirty ears?

We have a Scottist Terrier that has the dirtiest ears we”ve ever seen. We clean them out at least once every two weeks, sometimes more often, but it doesn’t seem to matter. They get caked up with dirt and ear wax to the point that it looks like they have never been touched. And he is an inside dog for the most part. I have never seen him roll in the dirt, so we haven’t a clue as to how they get so dirty.

Vet doesn’ t have a solution. We’ve asked already. Is there anyone else out there who has a similar problem with their dog, and has found an herbal solution? The poor little guy shakes his head all day long, and is in constant misery as if some bug or something is crawling around inside his ears tickling the hairs. Any helpful remedies or input would be most appreciated.
I guess I should have pointed out that altho the vet’s "solution" has not been effective, they did conclude that it was a yeast infection. His ears don’t stink, but I have a long haired wiener dog that does have this problem, and was also diagnosed as a yeast infection.

I appreciate all the inputs. The apple cider vinegar did not occur to me, but it is good for so many things, I think it deserves a sound hearing here as well. Thanks.

Halo Herbal Earwash is a great produt you will find in better pet supply shops, or you will find good ones at your local herb health shops. The ones for ‘people’ wax cleaning are fine..If I were getting a ‘human’ version, I would add a couple of drops of vinegar to the bottle.