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Five Easy Things For You To Enhance Heart Health

While all of our organs are important, it can be argued that the heart is the most important. Your heart supports the rest of your body and when it stops so does the rest of you. This article looks at some tips to help improve the health of your heart. There are links to multiple other sources of heart education.

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Take Care Of Your Heart

One of the most important things that you can do to improve both the quality and length of your life is take care of your heart. Below we offer 5 tips to help you improve the health of your heart.



Heart Health

Five Easy Things For You To Enhance Heart Health



Following a couple of simple principles can certainly noticeably decrease your probabilities of developing heart disease:

A. Reduce consumption of trans fats along with hydrogenated oils found in margarine, fast food, fried food, etc.

B. Reduce refined sugar intake from cakes, cookies, candy, etc.

C. Utilize extra virgin olive oil in addition to garlic when you are cooking – they can lower cholesterol levels

D. Add more Omega 3 Fatty Acids to your diet – the best source is Fish Oil

Cleveland Clinic: 15 Heart Healthy Foods


Developing a continuous exercise program also can lessen your risk of heart disease. A number of quick tips:

A. Make an effort to exercise three to four times weekly, for a minimum of a 30 minutes at a time.

B. Keep your routine going, and start off slow.

C. Always stretch before and after training.

D. Keep yourself hydrated and rest between sets.

For more information on Exercising for Heart Health, click below:

WebMD: Exercises For Heart Health


In addition to following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, you should also try to do the following:

A. Stop smoking and avoid second hand smoke – both are major causes of heart disease.

B. Limit your intake of alcohol – excessive alcohol can deplete your body’s supply of vitamins and other nutrients.

C. Try to reduce stress and anxiety – they can lead to high blood pressure and other health conditions.

D. Keep your weight within recommended limits – obesity is a leading cause of heart disease.


Make sure you get tested for increased cholesterol, triglycerides(fat), homo-cysteine and C Reactive Protein levels, and follow the protocols if any one of these indicators is elevated:

A. Should your cholesterol is high, you are able to lower cholesterol naturally with herbal extracts as well as Fish Oil. Remember, only 20 % of your cholesterol emanates from everything you eat, the additional 80% is manufactured through your liver.

B. In the event your triglyceride (fat) levels are too high, reduce your carbohydrate as well as sugar intake. Furthermore, fish oil, Vitamin C,  as well as green tea are safe natural approaches to lower triglyceride levels.

C. If your homo-cysteine ranges are excessive, you can easily normalize the specific situation by incorporating B Vitamins into your diet, specifically Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 along with Vitamin B12.

D. If the C Reactive Protein ranges are excessive, this suggests inflammation inside the blood. Omega-3 fatty acids, ginger and MSM will help decrease inflammation naturally.

Utilizing these tips will allow you to boost your heart health, however remember to consult your medical doctor before using.


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