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Prescription Drugs

Are prescription drugs really safe?

Prescription drugs are always prescribed by a physician or a doctor and are very effective on the body. Some people get confused with prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs which are available without any prescription. All prescription drugs come in market after getting approved by concerned legitimate body such as FDA. The reason behind taking approval is that all the prescription drugs contain medicinal values which can prove to be fatal for life if taken without any prescription. Even then some people, other than the patient, get access to these drugs and after consuming heavy doses feel vulnerable.
Perhaps this is the main reason behind all those warnings mentioned on the cover of each prescription drugs. It is also noticed that some patients consume heavy doses of prescription drugs, without consulting their doctors, to get rid of the pain. However, such patients usually end up fighting for their lives against the side effects of prescription drugs.
In order to avoid such complications doctors advice their patients to consume specified amount of drugs for safe and effective results. However, there are some people who knowingly abuse prescription drugs. Generally, these people abuse prescription drugs either to lose weight or to get high on life. While abusing prescription drugs people often forget that they can die because of this.
Undoubtedly, abuse of prescription drugs is increasing day by day. However, it is believed that many prescription drug abusers are ignorant teenagers who consume drugs to get high. Also these kinds of drug abusers are increasing at an alarming rate. Due to lack of proper information teenagers, unknowingly, abuse prescription drugs that adversely affect their body in the long run.
FDA and other concerned bodies are putting all their efforts in order to stop prescription drug abuse. They have issued several guidelines to which every drug manufacturing company needs to abide. For instance, it is mandatory for every drug manufacturing company to obtain a license before selling their prescription drugs in the market. Also drugs sold whether generic or branded must be genuine and as per the guidelines of FDA

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