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Do drugs positively reinforce the behaviors necessary to maintain the addict lifestyle?

drug addiction

Drug Addiction Can Be Treated

Drug Addiction

I know drug addiction is stimulated by the reward center in the brain resulting in further use, but does it also reinforce personality traits brought about by drug addiction. Example, if a person is not naturally angry except when using drugs,  then the drug addiction positively reinforces anger as well as the compulsion to use. If someone has a drug addiction then they take drugs that stimulate their reward center every time they had a manic episode, would manic depression and the pleasure from the drugs become paired therefore increasing manic episodes.

Wow! That’s a very interesting question regarding drug addiction. If I understand what you’re asking, you want to know if a behavior that happens at the time of a “high” from recreational drug use or drug addiction, is reinforced by the state of mind induced from the drug. I would say it was possible. That why drug addiction in many people is so strong.

In some cases, the change in mental status would be the precipitating factor. An example could be a person who was angry once they were under the influence of alcohol. The alcohol itself limits inhibitions, so one is the natural consequence of another.

But the other idea you present is: if altered mental status is also accompanied by another action and both are done simultaneously over time, would the brain tie one behavior in with the other even if they are not related?

The second option would work almost like biofeedback. Years ago, there was a Bill Moyers special done about healing and the mind. They talked about using biofeedback methods to control medical conditions. A girl with asthma was given her medication PLUS was exposed to the smell of oranges at the same time. Once the medicine worked, her symptoms went away. Over time, they kept doing the same thing except they decreased the amount of medicine, but continued to expose her to the smell. Eventually, just smelling the scent of oranges calmed her asthma symptoms down without having to take the drug.

So, back to your question about drug addiction and behaviors. I think if two behaviors were carried out at the same time long enough, doing one could trigger the other without it having to be the direct cause of the drug addiction itself.

Drug Addiction