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Do Drug Companies put side effects into their drugs on purpose to create demand for other drugs?

Also, Chris Rock made a good point. Drug Companies never research a cure for a disease, which doesn’t make money, they only treatment.

Considering all these ridiculous side effects for many of the prescription drugs, maybe they’re putting additives and side-effects into their drugs on purpose to generate demand for other drugs to treat those side-effects.

being a fan of many conspiracy theories involving giant corporations… this is one that has been proven over and over again however is not really publicized because lets face it, the truth hurts. Chris Rock is right, and the whole idea behind anarchy is – what is anybody gonna do about it? You’re talking about changing the status quo which is an oxy moronic contradiction. Unless you have power and money, you can’t change much of anything on your side of the spectrum. Anyways, to make a long story short, watch the movie Sicko by Michael Moore, you’ll see how corrupt it gets.