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Home Remedy Network – Health Tips -What Can a Diabetic Eat

Our fast paced world has created a situation where an increasing number of people are developing diabetes. This article “Home Remedy Network – Health Tips -What Can a Diabetic Eat” takes a look at the best foods to eat in order to control or possibly even eliminate the symptoms of diabetes. There are additional links to resources below to help you learn more about what a diabetic can eat.


Home Remedy Network – Health Tips -What Can a Diabetic Eat

Home Remedy Network - Health Tips -What Can a Diabetic Eat

Home Remedy Network – Health Tips -What Can a Diabetic Eat

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the experience can be very overwhelming and the major concern that a person thinks about is which type of food is good for him or her. A lot of people pass some misleading information about the type of food that diabetic people should or should not eat. This is why you should always be careful and use the actual diabetic guidelines before reaching a conclusion about which foods are best for you. We are going to look at a number of foods that you can eat and those you shouldn’t in terms of their glycemic index. Even though there are a number of foods that you should completely get rid of, there is still a variety of other foods that you can continue eating.

There is a chart known as the glycemic index chart that was specifically made to help those with diabetes as well as other people to understand the two main types of carbohydrates. Anyone with type 2 diabetes is supposed to mainly focus on smart carbohydrates that are located on the low end of the Glycemic Index chart. These can be found in fruits, vegetables as well as whole grains. The main thing that makes these carbohydrates different from others is the fact that they release glucose into your system in very small amounts and over a long period of time. They are found in white breads and flours. The other carbohydrates deliver large amounts of glucose into your system all at once and for this reason they should be avoided since this can adversely affect the glucose level in your blood.

Apart from carbohydrates, another important component for your body is fiber. The reason why fiber is needed is because the amount of carbohydrates that have been broken down in your body is small hence accumulating the amount of fiber required in your body can be difficult. For you to keep your blood sugar level constant, you are required to take about 50 grams of fiber within your diet daily. Fiber are important in your system since they help to filter the amount of glucose in your system and by so doing prevent it from being too high.

Proteins are also very important for those with diabetes. If proteins are consumed in the required amounts, digestion can be slowed down and hence the sugar levels in your blood can be maintained at a constant level. Those with diabetes should take proteins found in lean meats such as chicken and fish, eggs, tofu as well as peanut butter.

When it comes to dairy products, one should find out the amount of fat and sugar that these products contain before taking them. Dairy products are important for a meal to be balanced diet, and you should always consider skim milk products and low fat yogurts.

A good example of the type of food you should get rid of its traditional bread. This is because they contain 80% starch and for this reason they can release a lot of glucose into your system all at once. If taken with no caution, they can affect the blood sugar levels in your system hence they should be avoided.

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