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Are There Any Natural Cures For Epilepsy?

For many that suffer from epilepsy the thought of being on pharmaceutical medicines is not a good thought. This article “Are There Any Natural Cures For Epilepsy” offers some natural cures to treat epilepsy. There are also links to various sites that can give you more information regarding natural cures for epilepsy. Epilepsy is a…

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What holistic remedy is used to help cure Epilepsy?[ head seizures]?

Epilepsy And Holistic Treatment   Epilepsy And Holistic Treatment: Epilepsy   Epilepsy is really a condition which affects the nervous system. An episode of chaotic electrical activity within the brain creates a seizure, which may be partial or lead to lack of awareness. You will find many reasons for epilepsy, including birth trauma, mind injuries,…

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