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Lipitor Effects Lead To Natural Alternatives

Many people suffer from high cholesterol. One of the most common prescription drug options is Lipitor. This article “Lipitor Effects Lead To Natural Alternatives” offers some natural options for those who would prefer to avoid the side effects of Lipitor. There are additional links to resources to learn about Lipitor alternatives below. Lipitor Lipitor is…

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How should drug companies respond to people who abuse drugs?

Which approach makes more sense to you? Should drug companies make drugs that are highly toxic if abused (shot up, ect) to discourage their abuse, or should they make drugs that are safer even if abused, not because you want them to be abused but because you believe in harm reduction? If making the pills…

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The 5 Most Common Widespread Myths Spread About Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse

Drug addiction and substance abuse destroys thousands of lives and the families of addicts on an annual basis. This article ” The 5 Most Common Widespread Myths Spread About Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse” looks at some popular misconceptions regarding drug addiction and substance abuse. There are additional links to resources to educate yourself regarding…

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Talking Heads – Live in Rome 1980 – 05 Drugs

Live TV Concert Footage of The Talking Heads Featuring King Crimson’s Adrien Belew………… Phew! Can This Guy Play! Check Out His AWESOME Guitar Wizardry 01 Psycho Killer. 02 Stay Hungry. 03 Cities. 04 I Zimbra. 05 Drugs. 06 Take Me To The River. 07 Crosseyed And Painless. 08 Life During Wartime. 09 Houses In Motion.…

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