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Glucosamine Effectiveness In Relieving Chronic Joint Pain

As people search for arthritis pain relief, many are looking towards supplements. One such supplement that is gaining popularity is Glucosamine. This article looks at whether or not glucosamine is effective or not. There are different links to resources on information on Glucosamine effectiveness below.

Glucosamine Effectiveness


If you have every experienced arthritis or chronic joint pain then you know that finding relief can quickly become a priority. The pain can be unbearable and debilitating.

Glucosamine Effectiveness

Glucosamine Effectiveness Is Mixed

Research is mixed on natural supplements and the benefits that they provide. Glucosamine effectiveness is one of the things that has been studied.

The studies on Glucosamine effectiveness have provided mixed results.

There are some studies that show that Glucosamine effectiveness is increased when used in high quantities with chondroitin. These studies show that and increase in cartilage growth occurs. In these studies there is a decrease in pain and a slowing in the progression of arthritis. However, there is a recent study completed on 400 patients that showed no difference in this combination and a placebo.

This means that results are mixed with the Glucosamine effectiveness when used with chondroitin. Consult your physician before use.


Glucosamine Effectiveness

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