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Yeast infection — CandidaMD’s alternative medicine helps Anxiety & Insomnia

“CandidaMD” helps a couple conquer a yeast infection that was producing Candida Albicans symptoms like: Insomnia, yeast infections, anxiety with mild depression. Most people are not aware of yeast infections in men and Gabe even tested positive for Lyme disease. In Gabe’s case he believed the Candida had suppressed his immune system and made it harder to feel better in his fight against Lyme disease even after all of the other treatments he endured. Gabe believes treating his yeast infection was important in regaining his health. Although John Humiston is a licensed medical doctor, he used alternative medicine to help Gabe and his fianc√© feel much better.

Duration : 0:3:18

[youtube JmAGmv3dZNM]