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What Is Natural Therapy?

As we move to a time of more awareness we move back to answers from times of past days. This article looks at “What Is Natural Therapy?” This article looks at this form of Alternative Medicine. There are multiple links to educational resources.

Alternative Medicine, Natural Therapy

Alternative Medicine and Natural Therapy are becoming more popular

Alternative Medicine and Natural Therapy


First it is important to define what is a natural therapy?

This is a form of therapy that uses non-traditional or natural techniques to heal a person’s mind and / or body or for preventative purposes. Practitioners of this form of medicine often work in concert with a physician or the patient’s primary care provider.


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What is considered Natural Therapy?

Natural therapy is any form of treatment which doesn’t use pharmaceuticals as the primary method of treatment. While there is a place for modern medicine, providers of natural therapy don’t use pharmaceuticals as the first choice of treatment. Natural therapy moves towards other solutions first.

Modern medical researchers are beginning to realize that natural therapies can often work as well or better than prescription drug approaches but with fewer side effects. Modern science has been able to refine many natural solutions so that they are much more effective than in the past.

What Classifies As A Natural Therapy?

In order for a therapy to fall in the classification of natural therapy it must:

1. Have a mode of action that exists in the physical realm

2. Is a therapy that is designed to manipulate the mind body connection

3. Must be able to be physically measurable

4. Targets any of health, wellness, prevention of illness or the promotion of overall fitness.

5. The therapy should take the long term approach not a quick fix.

6. Natural therapies should rely on the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

6. While prescription drugs are not the first choice, they can be used when all else fails but should be a short term solution.

Examples of Natural Therapy

1. Lifestyle – taking walks, stopping smoking, eating natural foods.

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2. Nutrition – Getting the correct amount and type of nutrients through food when possible. When it isn’t practical, you should take high quality natural nutrients.

3. Physical activity / exercise – You should get some form of exercise daily. While walking alone is better than nothing, some flexibility and strength training should be included.

4. Stress Management – Learn to reduce you daily stress. Limit the hours that you work each day. Ten hour work days should be the exception, unless you are working a 4 day work week. Practice meditation daily. You should have non-work related activities that you enjoy at least 3 times weekly if not daily.

Make sure and do your own research prior to engaging a natural therapy practitioner. Referrals from people who you know personally are an excellent way to make a decision.


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