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What could be the death toll of alternative medicine?

While no accurate figures are generally kept, one country’s unfortunate public health policy could give us an insight into the level of unnecessary deaths attributable to alternative medicine.
Dr. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, the former South African health minister whose AIDS denial and insistence in using an alternative ‘remedy’ to treat patients, while delaying the distribution of retrovirals, is blamed for the unnecessary deaths of over 300,000 people in one country alone.
If your country adopted alternative medicine to treat a major illness or illnesses, what do you think the death toll could be?
Have any other countries adopted any alternative medicines as a public health policy? If not, why not?,0,3893206.story
Yes Dr Frank, I hadn’t thought of that.

dbobo: Please try and reference your claims or I’ll assume you invented them.
Truthseeker: No attempt at answering the question. Given your previous email to me:
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Dr SK: You’d think ayurveda would be taken up by the whole world if it’s so good? Please none of this Big Pharma conspiracy rubbish, that’s a cop out.

DrDan: Yep, I kinda do have an issue with unnecessary deaths. I try to stop caring about people I really do, but it just keeps happening!

William T: Good point, "seriously ill people die even after taking drugs", though it’d still be good to put a figure on deaths from alt med due to neglect, adverse reactions or Dr Frank’s point of misallocation of funding.
Lightning: Links not working (or relevant to the question) I think if Mbeki wanted to target a minority, there’d be more effective ways? Rather far-fetched theory.
Truthseeker: I’m not sending you emails because after you sent the one above you blocked me, remember?

Lightning: Thanks for the link. So, 100,000 out of a population of 300 million compared to 300,000 out of a population of 50 million? I make that a death rate of 18 times more with alt med. Certainly the closest to an answer so far!

I take a couple days off here because I break my butt and a really good question almost slipped by me. Pfft! just my luck 😉

Considering that in much of the world "alternative" stuff IS the only treatment for known killers – and those known killers don’t seem to be slowing down (AIDS, TB, Malaria, et al.) and because I officially need to answer….I’m going to go with one hecka lot – many of which are inexcusable due to various economic and political reasons.