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What are the rules for IRS deductions on alternative medicine?

As Alternative Medicine becomes more commonly used people ask if it’s use can be deducted off their tax returns. Below is a post in response to that question. There are also additional resources at the end of this post. You should consult with your tax professional before taking any tax deductions.

Home Remedy Network Alternative Medicine

Home Remedy Network Alternative Medicine

Can you deduct, for example, over the counter medicine recommended by the alternative medicine doctor?

If it is recommended by medical doctor for you to take, then you can claim so much for buying it as long as it is documented and you have saved all receipts for any medicine bought. Vitamins don’t count as medicine. Also check if your stat allows for what is called medical miles. These are miles used to and from doctors and to and from drug store to get medicine.


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What The Rules For IRS Deductions For Alternative Medicine?