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Weight Loss Through TCM And Chinese Herbs

Our society has learned to look to prescription medications to solve everything. Some people, however, are looking for more natural methods. TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is being used to solve many issues. This article looks at how TCM can help with weight loss. There are additional links to TCM and weight loss below.

Weight Loss Through TCM And Chinese Herbs

Weight Loss Through TCM And Chinese Herbs


People in the United States and other Western countries spend billions upon billions of their hard earned money on diet and fitness programs. This is a constant struggle for many people. The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach has been successful for thousands of years. We would like to offer some ideas on how to lose weight by using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM focuses on the body as a whole and the energy that flows in and out of your body. Keeping that energy in balance and strong in nature will enhance your ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. TCM uses herbs, activities, diet and acupuncture to channel, build up and release energy in a balanced way. Energy is call Qi which is pronounced as chee. When our Qi is flowing in abundance or body will function properly.

So in the mind of TCM, weight loss or gain is not the primary focus. Your Qi is and how it flows. Taking this approach will offer a better and more efficient way of being healthy. Here are some tips to help you keep you Qi at a healthy level.

7 Tips To Improve Your Qi And Your Health – Tip #1 – Add foods to your diet that are high in Qi -What this really means is foods that are fresh especially fruits, vegetables, any whole grains along with organic meat.  Steer clear of all foods that have been processed, refined or have artificial chemicals added. Sweeteners are the most common culprit. This is why many “diet” foods are really not good for you.

7 Tips To Improve Your Qi And Your Health – Tip #2 – Keep some consistency in your diet -Switching and making changes in your diet on a regular basis should only be done when you notice foods that impact you in a negative way. Avoid foods that leave you feeling full of gas, bloated or lazy. Once you determine which foods leave you feeling better and full without bloating or gassy.

7 Tips To Improve Your Qi And Your Health – Tip #3 – Chew your food completely and don’t rush when eating -Take time to enjoy your food and focus on eating. Don’t eat while doing other activities. Savor the act of eating and it will avoid problems such as indigestion.

7 Tips To Improve Your Qi And Your Health – Tip #4 – Live in accordance to your natural rhythms –  Eat a good breakfast between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., eat a good lunch and light dinner which should occur as close to 5 p.m. as possible.
7 Tips To Improve Your Qi And Your Health – Tip #5 – Go to sleep by 10:30 p.m. – This will enable your liver the associated organs to efficiently detoxify your body. Getting plenty of rest will enable your body to have a healthy metabolism.

7 Tips To Improve Your Qi And Your Health – Tip #6 – Involve yourself in activities that will enhance your Qi – Types of activities that will accomplish this are chi gong (qi gong), t’ai qi (tai chi), restorative yoga, nature walks, gardening.

7 Tips To Improve Your Qi And Your Health – Tip #7 – Enjoy acupuncture – The use of acupuncture has been proven to help with many issues including cravings for food and overeating.


TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for centuries. See how easy and pain free getting acupuncture is. Weight loss can easily be treated through TCM using techniques like acupuncture, herbs, and proper nutrition. Obesity has become a serious issue in most Western countries. Being overweight causes or aggravate many health issues, including: heart disease, diabetes, strokes, osteoporosis, heart attacks, sleep apnea, and much more. Celebrity acupuncturist Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. demonstrates her technique and explains how it works. She is a regular guest on KTLA Morning News, a speaker at local Whole Foods, and a published author.


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