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Top 5 Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Most of us want to live longer and also live better. This is why people are increasingly become conscious of what they put into their bodies. Fish oil or omega-3s have become an ever increasing way to improve not only the length but the quality of life. Check out the links contained in this article as well as those at the end.

Fish or Omega-3 Oil For Better Health

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The more things change the more that they stay the same. Today people are wanting to live longer and they are turning back to things that our ancestors realized to be true. Eating fish as a healthy source of protein isn’t anything new but using fish oil supplements is. Modern medicine recognizes the benefits of fish oil however there are some questions that remain. We have listed a few and offered some answers.

Exactly What Is In Fish Oil?

Fish that contains omega-3s fatty acids are those found in colder waters and have a higher level of fat.  Eating these fish can be expensive and there are also some concerns with levels of toxic chemicals. There are however many benefits. Omega 3 contains:

Iodine and selenium – These are antioxidants which help keep you healthy.

There’s also good evidence that diets high in omega-3 fatty acids help with rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been studied in many other conditions. They include asthma, cancer, depression, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. While some of these studies have been promising, they’re still inconclusive.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Fish Oil

#1 Improved Cardiovascular Health

Multiple studies are available showing that fish oil will lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. This will help improve your cardiovascular health. Fish oil helps to lower blood pressure. Regular users of fish oil supplement have lower rates of heart attack and heart disease along with strokes.

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#2 Reduce The Occurrence Of Cancer

Research has shown that people who take the daily recommended dosages of fish oil have a lower cancer rate. This applies to most forms of cancer but breast, intestinal and prostate especially.

#3 Improved Moods And Treatment Of Depression

Consumption of fish oil had been shown to increase serotonin levels. This helps in the treatment of depression.

=>ABC News – Fish Oil Helps Treat Depression<=

#4 Treatment Of Crohn’s Disease, Colitis And Other Digestive Disorders

For those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and other digestive tract disorders, fish oil could be the answer. Independent studies have shown improvement is digestion when fish oil is used on a regular basis.

#5 Improvement In Joint Function

If you suffer from arthritis or any other disease of the joints, you should consider using fish oil supplements. The growths that accompany joint disease are slowed and in some cases reversed with the use of fish oil. Fish oil helps reduce inflammation in many cases.

Most medical providers feel that if you eat oily fleshed, wild caught, cold water fish 2-3 times per week you will receive the amount necessary. Since this isn’t possible for most people, taking a fish or omega 3 product that contains 700 to 1,000 mg of EPA along with 200 to 500 mg of DHA daily will offer some benefit.

Still it is always important to seek the consul and advice of a professional before you use fish oil or any other supplement. This is even more important if you are taking prescription medications.


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