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The Vedic Approach to Health is Best Because the Body is Vedic – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Vedic Medicine is the best cure because the body is made of Veda says Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharishi Vedic Health is Consciousness-Based Health Care, enlivening the bodys inner intelligence to promote natural healing from within.

What Is Vedic Health?
At this very moment, your body is controlling your heartbeat, breathing, temperature, and a thousand other highly detailed processes. This is possible because there is an inner intelligence in the body, at work 24 hours a day. Vedic Health enlivens this inner intelligence to restore and maintain health.

Maharishi Consciousness-Based Health Care

When the connection with the bodys inner intelligence is lost, imbalances arise and symptoms of ill health appear. Maharishi Consciousness-Based health care focuses on identifying these imbalances at an early stage and eliminating them comfortably. It enlivens the bodys inner intelligence to stimulate and enhance internal self-repair mechanisms, allowing healing to occur naturally from within.

Maharishi Consciousness-Based health care programs are prevention-oriented, time-tested, free from harmful side effects, and easily applied. Their therapeutic approaches are based on natural healing principles thousands of years old.


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