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Medicine V/s Healing

Many times ailments are treated by attacking the symptoms not that cause. This article “Medicine V/s Healing” looks at the approach of actual healing vs masking symptoms. There are additional links at the end of this article to educate yourself on Alternative Healing.

Home Remedy Network - Medicine Vs Healing

Home Remedy Network – Medicine Vs Healing

The first step in this direction is to understand that Nature is the best doctor in the world that has a remedy for every ailment that man faces. Many people who have understood this have avoided chemical medicines which are generally tied to side effects and instead retorted to alternative techniques of healing which use natural healing techniques to cure diseases. Naturopathy is one such effective treatment techniques in which substances from nature are used to cure a disease. But many people who lack adequate knowledge about naturopathy hesitate to consider the treatment. It is thus important to understand the techniques of healing involved in naturopathy before deciding to choose this effective treatment technique.

• In naturopathy treatment, Nature is taken to be the greatest healer and it is believed that body has the capacity to avoid diseases as well as regain back its health.
• In naturopathy, food is the basic element of treatment. Any disease can be tackled by planning a diet that helps body generate those elements that are essential in curing a particular disease.
• The root cause for a chronic treatment is ignorance of acute diseases and hence, the treatment should be able to tackle the root cause of the disease to eliminate the disease completely. Naturopathy does just that.
It is a well known fact that chemical medicine leaves traces of the disease being treated for even after the treatment is said to be complete. In case of some diseases like diabetes and hypertension, intake of medicine is an on-going process that is a part of the patient’s life till death. The reason behind this is that chemical medicine does not treat the root cause of the disease and instead brings temporary relief.

As opposed to chemical medicine, naturopathy tackles the root cause of the disease that not cures the patient of his/her ailment, but also results in a holistic rejuvenation of health. The power of naturopathy treatment is so strong that it has been able to cure even those cases which chemical medicine has been incapable of curing. It is for this reason that many patients suffering from diabetes, chronic cancer, autism, allergies, obesity etc are retorting to naturopathy for treatment. There are doctors who specialize in naturopathy treatment who guide the patient with the right kind of treatment.

While chemical medicine can relieve the patient of his/her suffering, naturopathy rejuvenates the health of the patient holistically. Though modern man has time and again boasted of his inventions in the field of medicine, there is no rivaling when it comes to healing by Mother Nature since nature has the capacity to soothe the patients’ soul thus improving the quality of life. It is for this reason that the popularity of naturopathy is ever increasing and has been able to successfully relieve a patient of his ailment forever.

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