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Just curious: Do people trust modern medicine or alternative (natural) approaches to health?

Which one do you trust more?

Modern western medicine (medications, scientifically based statistics, doctor prescribed health and nutrition guides, etc.)

Alternative medicine (herbs, organic foods, natural folk-medicine treatments, and a personal approach to what you feel is best for your health, etc.)

Or do you draw from both modern and alternative?

Much of what doctors learn today is based on recognizing diseases and prescribing pills for them. Sometimes I think of doctors as sales reps for pharmaceutical companies. Not too many of them try to find root causes. However, there is one branch of medicine that does, it is referred to as functional medicine. I wish they would get more press.

On the plus side of modern medicine is the FDA. I think that they probably do things which are unethical at times, but they also force companies to meet certain standards. The alternative medicine people have no such restrictions.

I knew someone who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She was told she only had two weeks to live. A friend of their family, who made his living selling supplements, told her that no doctor had the right to tell someone they only had two weeks to live. They believed him. He sold them vitamins, at cost. The family took a totally positive attitude, and wouldn’t allow any talk of death. Her family was robbed of that precious time (she died in two weeks).

If this salesman was a medical doctor, he could have been sued for malpractice, but since he was part of an unregulated alternative business, he got away with it.

When it comes to my health, I will look at alternative sources for some things, but I would never gamble with things like diabetes, cancer, or high blood pressure.