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Is There An Alternative Medicine To Help With The Side Effects From My Medication-Geodon? I’m A Female?

This post is in response to a question regarding the side effects of Geodon. There are also additional links to resources to provide information regarding natural alternatives for Geodon below.

Home Remedy Network Is There An Alternative Medicine To Geodon

Home Remedy Network Is There An Alternative Medicine To Geodon

I used to be insatiable, but, now, nothing. Even masturbating is useless.
Are there any alternative medicines, vitamins, etc. that can help? I’ve been on medication since January and I can’t go off because it’s really helping me.

In homeopathy, the following medicines may remove the ill effects of allopathic medicine including Geodon. I said ill effects, and therefore the effects you are enjoying will not disturbed. The medicines are Nux Vomica 30 three times a day for one day .use maximum up to three days only. Pulsatilla 200 one dose a day for three days. Pulsatilla should not be used during menstruation. Both the medicines are excellent for mood swings, Pulsatilla has been compared by many to a weathercock as far as mood swings are concerned.

If you are using Geodon, naturally your Hypothalmus-pituitary-adrinal axis is the centre of activity, with stress factor aggravating the symptoms. A poor neuron firing or a sensitive neuron firing with photophobia would be added symptoms. Natrum Mur and Hydrastis 30 to large extent can come to rescue here with the sodium factor and gastric factor brought under control. Other medicines of value you can use in homeopathy are Ignatia Amara (not to be used near Nux Vomica), and most of the Kali (potassium) derivatives. The medicines of use for you would be Kali Phos (in particular if there is an anxiety syndrome or a panic attack involved), Kali Carb (Despoondency, alternating moods, irritable, full of fear and imaginations, anxiety felt in stomach,(adrinals), sensation as if bed were sinking, never wants to be left alone, never quite or contented, Obstinate, and hypersensitive to pain noise and touch). Kali Bromide (Hallucinations and delusions).
Arnica ( for all purposes including strengthening the adrinals and shocks pains, purification and strengthening of the powers of the blood to reach all places and correct all problems related to lack of blood reaching places). Staphisagria ( for after effects of sexual indulgences).

You should be consulting your doctor before administration of any medicines. Consult a homeopath before administration of any homeopathic medicines. with best wishes,


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