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Home Remedy Network-Healthy Lifestyle Tips-Reflexology For Depression

Depression is a hidden epidemic that is sweeping the US. There are many people who do not realize that they are depressed and there are others who want to avoid taking prescription medications for various reasons. This article “Home Remedy Network-Healthy Lifestyle Tips-Reflexology For Depression” looks at an options for relief from depression that many people have not thought of, reflexology. There are additional links below to other reflexology for depression resources.


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Home Remedy Network-Healthy Lifestyle Tips-Reflexology For Depression


Some people would never consider trying reflexology for depression, however there is evidence to suggest that it can be beneficial in some cases. Firstly let’s look at some important information about depression and then see if these claims can be substantiated regarding reflexology.

Home Remedy Network-Healthy Lifestyle Tips-Reflexology For Depression -One Every Five People Affected

It is believed that depression can affect one out of every five people at some point of their lives in varying degrees. The mild symptoms of depression include feeling of being in spirit, struggle in carrying out tasks and feeling of having a worthless life. In extreme cases of depression, a person may lose the will to live. This is very crucial stage for an individual because it may trigger suicidal.

Home Remedy Network-Healthy Lifestyle Tips-Reflexology For Depression: Treatment For Depression

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellent (NICE) claims that anti-depressant medications are not the best treatment option for depression. It brings about a number of adverse side effects to the use that outweigh its benefits.

Recent studies revealed that medications can still be of help but only to sufferers of mild depression. The non-medical treatments for depression include self help, counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Connection Between Depression, Hormones And Reflexology

Like other health conditions, depression has various labels, stages, different levels of seriousness and a range of possible treatment options.

Comparing men and women in terms of depression and hormones..

In women, depression is most likely to occur in stages where there is a significant change in the level of hormones in their body.


Post natal



It is claimed that 8%-15% of women who are on their menopausal stage suffer from depression. IT may star to manifest in perimenopause and in many cases, it comes as a symptom of menopause. This occurs as a result of a hormonal imbalance during this stage.

In men, depression is one of the most common symptoms associated to male menopause. Andropause is a period in men’s life that is characterized by a significant reduction in the level of testosterone in the body.

Home Remedy Network-Healthy Lifestyle Tips-Reflexology For Depression: Reflexology as a Treatment For Depression

In accordance with the principles of reflexology, a wide variety of diseases can be treated through the application of pressure on the reflexive points of the hands and feet. These points are associated with the body’s vital organs, glands and tissues. There are certain areas on the hands and feet which need to be triggered in order to treat depression.

Through reflexology, the following issues will be addressed:

1. The activation of the body’s endocrine system

2. Production of stress hormones that help in reducing a person’s stress response.

3. By restoring the harmony in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, a relaxed state is induced.

4. Eradication of Harmful Toxins

5. The lymphatic system will be stimulated

6. Enhanced blood flow to the organs

Reflexology Can Help Depression

A number of studies support the claim that reflexology can be useful in treating depression. The British Royal College of Psychiatrists recommend relaxation techniques as one of the best homeopathic remedies for depression.


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